Avoid water damage and atrocious smells after sewage backflow by calling Steamatic of Greater Atlanta.  If you need sewage or water clean up services, call immediately for 24/7 emergency clean up.

Your property will look good as new
Sewage backflow problems can lead to even greater issues like mold growth and permanent property damage.  Our experts can handle any water contamination that takes place and will dry out the floors to prevent irreparable damages.

Never pay more than you’re quoted
Nothing is worse than finding out your cleaning bill is much higher than you were quoted.  Here, there are no hidden fees and we will never raise the price during the clean up process.

Deep and thorough cleaning
Water damage can affect everything in your home from walls to carpeting, to upholstery. Avoid unpleasant odors and further damage by acting now. We’ll be on-site anywhere in Greater Atlanta within the hour.

If you need water or sewage clean up, follow these tips:

  • For safety, do not enter the affected area until after decontamination
  • Pay special attention to children and pets.  They are more susceptible to disease
  • Do not attempt any cleaning for safety and health reasons
  • If you must handle contaminated materials, wear rubber gloves
  • Leave the premises until after clean up and decontamination if possible
  • If you have a pipe burst and you can’t stop the flow of water, contact a plumber
  • If possible, keep the temperature inside your property below 70 degrees to prevent microbial growth
  • Place foil or plastic under furniture legs to prevent rust or furniture stains on floors
  • Turn off the electricity in any affected rooms
  • Place draperies through coat hangers and hang them on your curtain rod to prevent water circles
  • Be extremely careful on wet, slipper floors to prevent slip and fall accidents
  • Remove items from the floors of affected closets
  • Remove breakable items from furniture that will need to be moved
  • Remove decorative rugs off wet carpet
  • Do not use a household vacuum cleaner to avoid electric shock
  • Do not walk on wet carpeting to avoid spreading water to unaffected areas

Available 24/7 for emergency clean up services.  Call Steamatic of Greater Atlanta today at 770-246-9943 and have your call answered by a live person at any hour.