If you discover mold in your home or business, don’t panic.  Call Steamatic of Greater Atlanta for immediate, efficient mold remediation.  You’ll never pay any hidden fees, only what is quoted during your initial contact.

Not covered by insurance?
If your insurance company decided not to cover the costs of your mold clean up, we’re here to help.  Ask about our payment plans, and take care of mold for good.

What can I do to prevent mold from appearing?
Molds can grow on virtually any substance as long as moisture is present.  If you experience any type of water damage, ensure the space is cleaned immediately to prevent mold appearances.

Use this checklist for signs of mold contamination:

  • Visible spots of mold on any surface
  • Noticeable musty or earthy odor that is most prominent when you first enter a structure or room
  • A high level of indoor humidity for extended periods of time
  • Developing headaches and allergic reactions when within the environment

If you discover mold, the first thing to remember is do not panic, but be cautious.  Try not to make the problem worse by sending the spores airborne or by spreading them into uncontaminated areas.

Available 24/7 for emergency clean up services.  Call Steamatic of Greater Atlanta today at 770-246-9943 and have your call answered by a live person at any hour.